Sunday, January 13, 2008

Am I confused?

I was reading my blog and was amazed how I felt at the moment. I was being given the wrong signal. I was even tempted to delete all the posts I made here.. really?
Right now, as I was working here in the office of a Christian School as a bookeeper, I am also invited to attend to their church services and I did enjoy my time spent in the church.
I get to hear the good news of salvation and I am also contented of my life that finding my partner is last of my priority.
Actually, I am not eager even before, of having a partner. It's just that I was pressured of my peers since they think having a partner is also having a secure future. And I don't believe on that because, what if, your partner is not financially secure also? And I am also afraid if I might get into a wrong person again. And now that I am listening to the word of God, the more I get convince not to worry finding that special someone. You know why?
Maybe because I know God will always be there for me and my son.

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Story said...

ate tag kita, ate dapat lagyan mo ng tag,yang post mo marami,like,confused,or more...see my tag 4 u...actually dami n yan hehehe