Sunday, January 13, 2008

Am I confused?

I was reading my blog and was amazed how I felt at the moment. I was being given the wrong signal. I was even tempted to delete all the posts I made here.. really?
Right now, as I was working here in the office of a Christian School as a bookeeper, I am also invited to attend to their church services and I did enjoy my time spent in the church.
I get to hear the good news of salvation and I am also contented of my life that finding my partner is last of my priority.
Actually, I am not eager even before, of having a partner. It's just that I was pressured of my peers since they think having a partner is also having a secure future. And I don't believe on that because, what if, your partner is not financially secure also? And I am also afraid if I might get into a wrong person again. And now that I am listening to the word of God, the more I get convince not to worry finding that special someone. You know why?
Maybe because I know God will always be there for me and my son.

Friday, January 4, 2008

power for living

hello there!
I have been reading this book entitled " Power for Living" . I got this book from the library of my friend who is a pastor's wife.
I thought my being a christian has already helped me a lot in my stay here in the earth. I know I am a sinful creature and I also know that if I surrender my life to Jesus as His daughter, that I will allow Jesus to take control of my life, then LIFE IS WORTH LIVING FOR.
I have also read from the book that surrendering your life to Jesus, means being with Him everyday of your life and making Him the one who will take charge of your daily activities.
No matter how successful a person is, if we don't allow God to take control of our life, we always felt emptiness in our heart and we cannot be contented of what we have..
So, let's ask Jesus to come in our hearts and take control of our life...make that a challenge in your life and who knows? Life must be a full of roses everyday!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why is it difficult for a singlemom to find a partner

hi there!
I have been in the net for quite a time, I did try looking my future here since meeting a partner here in our locality is quite disgusting. They treated single mom as a trash, since they always think that we only need a sex partner in the process of finding a soul mate.